GV-100 | G-100 | C-100



Small-parts Sorting Machine

Series GV inspection machines are designed to automate the inspection of small cylindrical parts. The V-track always locates the parts within a central plane regardless of the size of the part. Two cameras , mounted perpendicularly, cover both sides of the part to inspect geometrical features such as length, width, circularity, absence/presence, and chip/burr existence.


Universal Inspection Machine

Series G inspection machines provide a unique solution to inspect a wide variety of parts and components. The adjust ability of G series enables the operator to switch easily between parts in minimum amount of time. The vision system is also capable of saving  more than 60 programs which can be switched as easy as push a button. These characteristics of G series make the product a suitable universal solution for multi products inspection which helps small and medium size manufacturers to inspect all their parts by one machine.



Custom Inspection Machine

Our customized machine provides  solution for the most complex applications. C-100 series is designed based-on highly accurate and reliable automation methods and is inspecting an injector housing part for Magnum 2000 Inc. We are proud of being capable to address complicated challenges with our customized solutions which respond to your specific quality inspection needs.

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