Depalletizer| Robotic Stacker| Pump Inserter|Safety Table



A-200 Series

To Pick and place liquid dispensers pump mechanism into bottles and tightening

A unique pick and place machine to place liquid dispensers pump mechanism into bottle at the speed of 60 bpm. Optimized foot print of this machine allows to be fit into small filling rooms. 



A-100 Series

To depalletize multi-types/sizes of PET containers directly up to 100 inches tall stack of tray

This custom-made depalletizer is capable of delivering up to 100 containers per minute to conveyor line level. The durable aluminum frame makes the machine a proper choice for mounting it on mezzanine once the weight restriction is in-effect. Also, the modular and light structure of this depalletizer offers easy transportation and re-location.   


Robotic Stacker

R-100 Series

A flexible stacking solution for thermoforming production using 6-axis robot arm. 

Using 6-axis articulating robot arm to stack products of thermoforming process provide the flexibility required in multi products production lines. 


Safety Table

To cut cardboard in various size configurations by band saw without safety hassles

This safety table enables the operator to navigate stack of cardboard through the band saw without getting close to the saw blade. The unique mechanism of this table can triple the operator’s  hand movement in term of length. So, the operator can cut up to 60 inches  long cardboard. This safety table is compatible with major band saw brands.

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